Sunday, December 17, 2006

More Killing Games for family fun!

I bet you're wondering, "Now that Hide Town has closed, how will I ever while away the time until Killing Game opens?" Well, don't you worry. There are a slew of killing games that you can play in the privacy of your own home, with none of the red tape and moral quandries of killing actual people. I've gathered a few here:

Fling the Teacher
If you answer 15 out of 30 questions about the Black Death correctly, your teacher (customized by YOU to look just like the real thing) gets flung by a trebuchet.

The Black Plague: A Simulation
Travel to a variety of towns and villages Europe during the mid 1300's. Will you die from the Black Death or from Cholera? Your fate depends on a throw of the dice...

Plague & Pestilence
A light card game involving the build-up and destruction of medieval towns. In the Prosperity phase players attempt to build up their populations via stealing from other players of via improvements. Then the Death Ship arrives bearing the plague! In the Plague phase players attempt to kill off other players by playing war, pestilence or other deadly attacks. The cards contain illustrations reminiscent of medieval woodcuts featuring the Grim Reaper.

Digital Plague
The year is now 2707. Help a historian from the future discover the real reason behind the bubonic plague.

The Year of the Plague Prototype Project
The Year of the Plague will be a small multiplayer game in which students complete discrete "levels," each with its own learning outcome. The first level will relate to medical, social and political aspects of the great London plague of 1665. The environment for this level is St. Giles, the poor, overcrowded parish where the plague first appeared.

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